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Antique Car – Continued – Making the interior

Today you will learn more details about the production of the interior of the classic car.

This time I made the seats with printed design paper (with a checkered pattern).
You can print out the design paper with your own printer and it is available in our second shop

First the parts of the dashboard are glued together.
Then details such as pedals and gears are attached to the base plate.
After the seats have been manufactured, they are also attached to the passenger cabin.

Tomorrow it will continue – as promised, the SVG file set for this classic car will be available in this shop.
I’ll also show you how to make the hood and roof of this car.
Sequel follows ….

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Announcement – Cuttingfile for Antique Car

On August 19, 2022 a really great new cutting file is coming to our shop! This is a cutting template for a large and very detailed classic car!

Antique Car – Coming soon a new Cutting file for Cutting Machines like Cricut, Silhouette, Brother ScanNCut

In the meantime until 19.8. I will also publish some making-of blog posts so that you can follow how such a classic car is gradually being created.
The size of the finished vehicle is as follows: length 26 cm, width 9 cm and a height of 11.5 cm.

The cutting parts can be cut with A4 paper. If you have a very large cutting mat (12×24″) and very large paper, then you could – if you like – also cut the classic car about a third larger!

Below are the first making-of photos – the base plate and the wheels are created